BAND – Pacific Drive


Pacific Drive is a fresh, new, traditional bluegrass band from the San Francisco Bay Area with a youthful drive for bluegrass. With the incredible Dana Frankel (16) on fiddle, David Thiessen (21) on mandolin, Jesse Fichman (21) on guitar, Helen Foley (17) on bass, and Sam Reed (21) on banjo, these young pickers have made it their mission to keep traditional bluegrass alive in the new generation.  Although the band was only officially formed in September of 2015, they are all close friends who have been playing music together since they were all in their early teens. With gigs lined up in the North and South bay, and fresh recordings about to be released, the band is ready to jump into the California bluegrass scene, and they could not be more excited to finally have the opportunity to share their music!

Booking: Dana Frankel
cell: 707-318-2852

location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

WEBSITE: Pacific Drive Facebook