BAND: Honeysuckle Possums

The Honeysuckle Possums are a high-energy, all-woman string band, playing old time mountain music, originals and bluegrass. They have been together since 2009 and have two albums completed. Their music has taken them all over California and they continue to gain praise for their beautiful vocals, carefully crafted harmonies, and spirited style. Their performances at various festivals and concerts continue to elicit rave reviews.

The two lead singers are Susan Marie Reeves (guitar, strumstick, ukulele) and Charletta Erb (fiddle).  Lisa Macker (stand up bass, mandolin) joins in on harmonies. Ruth Alpert is the band’s dancing percussionist….an Appalachian-style flat-footer who seems to float as she makes it easy for the crowd to dance and clap along.

The Possums’ intention is “to create and share bliss through music”. Their collective joy onstage is delightful, and their performances are carried on a strong current of love and friendship. Possum audience members often comment on how that energy is positively contagious!

Band Lineup:

Charletta Erb – fiddle & vocals

Susan Marie Reeves – guitar, strumstick, & vocals 

Lisa Macker- mandolin, bass, & vocals 

Ruth Alpert – Appalachian Flat foot dancer 

Amber Mueller – bass, guitar, banjo

Every bluegrass and old times festival would be remiss not having these girls at it!!”
Wally Barnick – Cache Valley Drifters & MC for Parkfield Bluegrass Festival

The Possums killed it.  The Possums nailed it.  The Possums made it RAIN up in here, and lit the lamps.  The Possums tied the knot on a huge parcel and sent it Air Mail Special Delivery, postage paid.  The Possums washed the windows and patched the roof.  The Possums hoisted the mizzen and set sail.

Tom Lee, (Bassist Extraordinaire) Song Tree Concert Series